Monday, March 19, 2007

Pet Peeves (Part 1)

1) I'm @ the carwash (fending off sandflies) when I smell it-cigarette smoke! For goodness sake! A little consideration here guys. Oxygen is free, so I'm so entitled to it. Talk about ruining the environs 4 me. I really do hate smoking but I'm not here to take on a preacher's cloak (just be sure that whatever decision you take, you can live with it). If you need to smoke, please know it's not all about you.

2) I'm in the office-a couple of days past payday & my unit is being deluged (by the drivers, security guards etc who have problems with their pay). Un4tun8ly, it is like this every month since those categories of staff are seconded to us & we pay based on input rec'd by their employers (who remain a dodgy source). My unit is small-we barely have leg room, but once these contract staff have an issue, they are everywhere. Don't get me wrong-they don't earn that much in the first place, so their salaries aren't things to fool around with (well, I won't pardon any1 for fooling around with mine), but Lord! not only do they have to deluge us, they have to come in smelling so "FRESH". You are trying to deal with one, the next one comes in and stands there, and he is joined by another. When you tell them to please go outside & come in one by one so you can attend to them gradually, you become persona non grata. I keep having to remind myself that they know no better, but being denied my free flow of body & air?? (don't i deserve to put up a fight?)

3) I'm blinded-I can't see (dangerous because I'm driving). What is with people & turning up their headlamps way up, till no-one can see, whether they are in the opposite lane facing you or right behind you? Please there are other road users here (yeah, there are times it's necessary, especially since we have no street lights) but please do remember to tone it down a little. If I die, my blood is on your hands.

4) And I see her-she left her house feeling pretty confident. You can't remember what she has on because her eye-make up overwhelms everything else (this is for the women). Why do we end up being masquerades in the name of beauty? Do note you are meant to enhance your features, not drown it and before I forget the major faux pas of all, it is called SHAPING your eyebrows, not SHAVING your eyebrows (I'll do a post on that one day soon-we all need to master the trick, you know)