Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dwell on the +ves

I know that in my last blog I had said I would narrate what transpired that weekend. I changed my mind for the following reasons: I have decided to dwell on the +ves and walk away with the lessons learnt.

I was reading an interview on Neil Warren, the founder of eharmony and something he said really hit home: "What's the one essential quality to a successful relationship that most people overlook? "His answer: "Honesty! I find singles are too forgiving of people who lie to them. They think they won't lie the next time. But liars tend to be liars."

One of the lessons I had to re-learn is that trust is so fundamental-it starts with the little lies but then they grow out of control.

Another one is to always trust your intuition-be open and you will always be led aright. Help is always around the corner; you just have to reach for it.

I accept that we aren't perfect in anyway (my humble self included) but I can't reiterate the fact that we should never settle for less than what we set our sights/goals on. Do not manage-compromise (by all means do that) but the compromise should lead to a situation that is balanced at all times. I made the mistake of bending back over, accepting things that truly I have never taken in my 32 years of living (just re-emphasises the fact that we all learn each day).

The one I however refused to accept is being cheated on-I walked away. While I won't judge anyone for decisions they make (a friend told me yesterday that it's obvious I still care for him-why don't I fight to keep him??-if you ask me, crappy advice), why do we settle for less when we can strive for better and get it?

Valentine day is around the corner-I'm not about to say that I'm still not battling depressing feelings of hurt, anger, bitterness and sometimes hatred clouding my life (which i want to go away! go away!!) but I know time will help.

So for all of you going through heartache, give it time!!

And yes, before I forget, don't dwell on the perceived loss (hey! his loss, not yours. You are someone's uncut diamond-Hope is something that no-one should ever take away from us)

PS: I would however like to know what day I would wake up & it would be ok? (Hey! I'm only human)