Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm happy

Wow! I’m elated! And this elation has to do with the “new” man in my life! Life can be funny, you know! Less than two months ago, I realised how easy it is to slip into depression.

Ok, so I guess you must all have noticed that the “new” has quotation marks; that’s actually because he isn’t a stranger. I was his very first crush (to quote him, I was “almost his first love”-ridiculous term) and we were aged (if memory serves well) about 11 and 12 respectively. The first stage lasted till we were about 13 & 14 (I think). Nothing happened-no kiss, nothing! I mean we were both kids. After I left secondary school (about 16), I felt I could handle an “adult relationship” with him! (no sex oh! Adult relationship doesn’t automatically denote that) Nope! Wasn’t a good idea. Turned out (as he tells me now) that he felt he had to punish me a little for the earlier years for not reciprocating his emotions (hello! I was 11-12! Abeg that was the last thing on my li’l mind). However, he regretted it and is happy to have a second chance. Strangely, I can’t remember that he was being funny (totally unaware even @ 16 years) and like I maintain, we were kids.
We had actually lost touch-we saw a few times over the last seventeen years (has it really been that long?). At some point, we exchanged numbers, but I’m horrible @ keeping in touch (I keep meaning to improve).

Well, he was one of the people I sent a goodwill message to @ the new year and he responded! I promised I would improve in keeping in touch and true to my words, I called him a little over a week ago-really all I wanted to do was to say hi (keeping my word, even if took almost two months). He was so happy to hear from me-I was amazed but it was nice. I reckon that was the first decent conversation we were having in about seventeen years. I felt I did not want to rush things, but I had a re-think this last weekend-WHY THE HELL NOT? It is called living.

So here I am, in a new relationship and I must confess I’m happy.

It feels right! To be honest, I can't remember the last time I felt like this @ the beginning of a relationship-when everything felt so right and most importantly, I was this happy. I intend to enjoy it & hopefully we will both make the best of this opportunity (well, I'm on my way to 33 and he is almost 34, so yes! we have grown up and can now have that adult relationship with all it connotes).

Wish me luck.