Monday, February 5, 2007

"What goes round, comes round"

At the beginning of the year, I prayed to be a more tolerant person (more understanding, more patient-patience is something I don't have in abundance-& it's all taking a toll)

Everybody wants to take adavantage of the other @ some point in time & you then wonder why things happen to you when they do. Have you all heard about reciprocal action (what you sow is what you will definitely reap?)

I'll start with the petrol attendants (thankfully, the fuel scarcity is over). I don't doubt that this people are not paid well (the logic being that all they have to do is pump fuel into your tank), but nothing beats their ingenuity during fuel scarcity. Some of them actually extort money from motorists before they can gain access into the filling station (and you think your problems have ended? NO!!!!). You get to the pump and you are charged extra before the actual sale begins & Lord, you must be lucky & blessed if the original pump price is maintained (and they actually wonder why they remain where they are)

My next port of call is the "NIGERIAN POLICE". Oh my friendly neighbourhood police-they have been the butts of so many jokes, I won't torture you any further. It has become their life calling to stand on the road and cramp the style of the populace. I have a problem where because, you see me driving a decent car, you assume I don't have any problems and should be able to solve yours (after all, what can a young woman like me with seemingly no obligations @ all, be doing with money? By the way, when I set up that charity organisation, I'll be sure to let you know)

One of the last two experieinces I had with one of these idiots was being stopped in traffic and this guy approaches and ask for my drivers licence. He was reeking! He was drunk! I was appalled. I grabbed my licence from him, when he started asking that I open my car for him, so he could get into the passenger seat. Anyway, I managed to get away after parting with some hard earned cash for the following reasons (It was past 9 pm on a workday & I was close to the police station-all he had to do was come up with some trumped charges-which he threatened to do by the way).

Well, the point I'm trying to make is that they don't understand why they never seem to progress from where they are. You know, they just stand by the side of the road harassing people and it's like they are just doomed to do that. I keep thinking of ingenious things I could do to money before passing it on to them (& believe me, I will be so damn generous). Maybe I should get into the police force (take it from me, I'm not interested in extorting money from people, but it would be so nice to Lord it over some of those clowns on the road.

Essentially, the purpose of my rigmarole is that we will always get what we give. Let's all work towards instilling decent values in ourselves. Let's never assume that the next person has it better than we do. We all experience the lows and highs (I tell people to look at nature-the hills exist next to the valleys-what does that tell you?)

Contentment does not mean being lazy. Strive at all point in time to be better than you are! Don't rest on your oars but never ever hurt someone intentionally. I may not be nice, but I subscribe to the school of being civil to people @ all times.


ABENI said...

Hmmnn, ingteresting. I used to be pretty sharp mouthed, and a little nasty, but I've been well humbled. life has taught me to be civil. EVERYONE deserves to be treated with respect.

Calabar Gal said...

Welcome to Blogville Girl!! Came over from the link on Abeni's page.

Our country needs a major revamping about the way we think and act. Thank God you sorted the policeman out. Going into any police stattion late at night isnt advisable at all. Which in real life should really be the opposite cos you are suposed to be safe there abi? *SIGH*