Tuesday, July 24, 2007

What's with all the sexual remarks?

Sorry, am I smelling of something? Am I exuding something I'm not aware of? Is there something about me that reeks "sex"? I'm here for you to take?

Frankly speaking I find it irritating and annoying. So you see me in one light (that definitely isn't my fault). Most of those guilty of these overtures are guys I meet at work, so there's nothing overtly sexy about my outfits (which are limited to suits or skirts and blouses/shirts). So why do they keep "flirting".

Being flirtatious isn't such a bad thing (there are ways to do it and it's quite flattering actually-I mean, who doesn't enjoy a li'l flattery?) but flat-out sexual sentences?

Last week I developed a sore throat and it was cramping my style big-time. I get a call from a chap that works in one of our subsidiaries and just mention it that I have a sore throat. He so "nicely suggests" that I get a deep kiss to help me with that. I told myself, I shouldn't get upset. My reaction was to tell him that at this rate the sore throat will have to stay.

To make it worse, he sends me a text message the next day, asking if I adhered to his prescription and if I would be willing to make lunch for him (I live alone, not run a brothel). I just ignored him and didn't even bother to respond.

The reason why I'm "lamenting" here is to give myself an outlet, because I have a feeling that when we do see, he won't like what I have to tell him.

I have one of these "friends" of mine ask me how I take care of myself sexually when I don't have a boyfriend (for goodness sake, we are not that close and work is the common factor here).

I am pear-shaped: plenty of hips, practically no boobs and a pretty slender waist! I'll spare you all the comments that has generated (you know it is supposedly an african thing, where our african men like girls with hips and butts-how "nice"). Now this is me, this is how I'm built and I want it respected. I rarely wear trousers and tuck in shirts to work (even during the periods we had to dress down and permitted to wear T-shirts and jeans to work) 'cos believe me, it does get tiring.

What's with all the sexual remarks? I have so much to offer besides being restricted to just my ass and tits?

You want to talk to me? Talk to me.

Well, all said, I intend to address the "deep kiss" issue asap!! Enough I say

Before I forget, did I mention that most of these sexual-laden remarks are made by my married colleagues? Don't get me wrong, it's not a behaviour I want to encourage in just anyone (I'm not so prudish that I can't enjoy a joke or two but i need to strictly limit those who feel they have a right to make those comments to me).


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